A little over two years ago, nowheretogobutUP was neither formal nor structured. In fact, there was no organization to speak of. It was merely a group of UP alumni with neither name nor face. It was ragtag, so to speak. 

With only a handful of volunteers, it tried to learn what the athletes needed, and it tried to look for help wherever it may be found, although usually from the very pockets of these handful.

As time went by, and as the needs astronomically grew because it was no longer just one team but two, then three, then four, then five, then so on and so forth, the nameless and faceless few who comprised what is now known as nowheretogobutUP started to reach out to as many UP alumni, and their friends, as they can, to solicit help in whatever form.

Needless to say, many answered the call but, of course, a lot more are needed.

In any case, listed below are some selected projects undertaken by nowheretogobutUP, or otherwise in the pipeline for future implementation.


Unity Bus

nowheretogobutUP acquired a 55-seater bus for use, subject to scheduling, by all UP varsity teams. 

nowheretogobutUP FB
Taipan Millan FB


More Projects

With the help of the UP almuni, UP community and UP supporters, the foundation was able to fund these upgrades.  Keep coming back to this section for updates on else we keep on going nowhere but up.

Questions? Please Email Us.